10 Tips on how to Coordinate your Family Photo Outfits

  1. Plan Ahead! If you are reading this, then you already are. Nice job :) This will leave you stress free on your photo shoot day.
  2. Classics are Key. Keep your shoot timeless, stay away from the trendy and stick to the tried and true.
  3. Slow down on the Patterns. I love a good pattern in my every day wear, but in photos you don't want to distract too much from your beautiful face! So, if pattern is a must for you, stick with small florals, polka dots or thin stripes. Limit the amount of patterns within your family to perhaps 50% of your tribe to avoid busy-ness in the photos.
  4. Avoid logos. Or any graphics, this goes along with point #3, we don't want to distract from your family's beautiful faces!
  5. Texture, Texture, Texture! I can't stress enough how well ruffles, lace, cable knit, eyelet etc translate in photos.
  6. Coordinate, don’t match. Pick two main colours you’d like to work with and go from there. Or even better, pick one colour and layer the rest with a few neutrals (creating contrast with a dark and a light neutral).
  7. Accessorise to keep the shoot dynamic and fun, this could be a good place to inject your colour IE. a hat, shawl, funky shoes (although barefoot is my favourite) etc.
  8. Keep location in mind. Photos in a forest? Maybe stay away from blending in with green and go for shades of reds and neutrals. Going to the beach with plenty of neutral tones? Maybe this is the time to whip out the green (or any colour for that matter, the beach is a beautiful canvas for all ideas!) to compliment the blue of the ocean and browns of the sand. Going to a garden with tons of colour? Maybe pick one colour only and build neutrals around it, or stay 100% neutral. Coordinate with me and I can help plan your unique shoot.
  9. Character and Comfort. Your family is unique and beautiful, and if you are going to showcase that any where it should be in your family photo shoot! This is where your favourite necklace, cowboy boots, Akubra hat etc should make a debut. And when you feel like yourself, you will feel comfortable, and that will show through in the images, I promise.
  10. Gather all your outfits together. Lay your family’s outfits together side by side on your bed or table, just to get the vibe. This will help you feel good about how it all comes together on the day.

Bonus Tip for the mothers/ladies out there : I am not one to go get my hair, makeup, and nails did for a photoshoot. I rarely wear make up, I'm most comfortable with my hair wild and curly, and don't get me started on my nails. BUT, that being said, if you *know* you are uncomfortable in front of the camera, make yourself feel awesome! Whatever that means to you, no need to throw hundreds at salons, just think about what makes you feel like a million bucks and do that. Even if that just means carving out time to shave your legs!

And that's it ! Those are my tips, and these tips are solely to make you enjoy your photoshoot as much as possible. You may be surprised at how much fun they can be. :)

Until next time,


Sara Rose

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